E learning

Here at Diamond Creek we incorporate technology in to everyday learning in a variety of ways. We believe that meaningful educational technology integration is an essential element in the 21st century. Technology is a tool that is ONE part of the quality learning process that engages and challenges students.

Currently we have classrooms fitted with interactive whiteboards and apple TVs where students are presented with hands on, visual lessons. The interactive whiteboards are a fantastic tool, enabling students to see lessons come to life by moving and manipulating objects on the screen. Students also have the opportunity to use a variety of tools themselves. These tools include –

-          Laptops/Desktops/Netbooks

-          Wireless Keyboards

-          Wireless Headphones

-          Microphones

-          IPADs

  • 1:1 iPad program in 5/6 classrooms
  • Apple TV for sharing of work
  • Junior school iPads for group work

-          Digital cameras

-          Digital video cameras

-          Sound systems

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is integrated across all curriculum areas. We use a wide range of programs including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher to develop skills in literacy and numeracy. In addition students work with IPADS using programs such as Imovie, Comic Strip, Popplet and Puppet Pals. This is just a snapshot of the programs we use and each and every week there are more apps, technological devices and skills that we are integrating into the curriculum.

With these technological opportunities we also encourage safe and responsible use of the internet and messaging tools. As part of our ICT program we run comprehensive sessions on cyber safety which enables students to feel confident both at school and at home when using online resources.