Effective inquiry is more than just asking questions. Inquiry-based learning is a complex process where students formulate questions, investigate to find answers, build new understandings, meanings and knowledge, and then communicate their learning to others.

At Diamond Creek Primary School students are actively involved in solving authentic (real-life) problems within the context of the curriculum and/or community. These powerful learning experiences engage our students deeply and enable them to be actively involved in understanding their world better and making a difference.
Through inquiry-based learning we encourage student creativity, independence, and problem solving skills. This in turn gives students greater skills in posing questions and seeking out solutions.

Our students do this through many vast and differing units.
Our Junior School has loved learning about “Me and My Community”, “Our Place in Space” and “Weird and Wacky Science!” While our older children have delved further into our world looking at units such as “All Systems Go”, “Market to Market” and “A World of Crazy Weather”.