A comprehensive Mathematics program is implemented across the school which caters for the development of mathematical concepts in line with the new Australian Curriculum  standards which identify and provide support for each individual student’s mathematical needs . From the foundation year through to year six there is a dedicated maths session daily. Across the school and especially in the Foundation, 1 and 2 grades the children engage in a range of maths games and activities using concrete materials as day to day ‘hands-on’ learning is most effective. Working groups are ‘fluid’ and change constantly as assessment is implemented and used in a variety of ways to support  the children’s learning and to ensure the range of learning experience is the ‘best fit’ for them. The classroom maths program is enhanced with the use of technologies such as Mathletics, professional development programs and the assistance of support staff and parent helpers. Then children’s learning is extended and enriched as required.  In years five and six students are involved in the Maths Olympics Program to extend problem solving skills and their ability to think mathematically.