Specialist Italian

At Diamond Creek Primary School we offer an Italian language program throughout the whole school. We begin with simple concepts such as colours, numbers and body parts and work our way towards oral presentations and conversations in the upper school. Units of work are often literature based in the Junior and Middle grades and are accompanied by songs, role plays, dances and games. Students in the upper school are immersed in language and have many opportunities to read, write, and speak in Italian as well as listen to the language.  Students are also exposed to cultural units such as Famous Italians, geography units and the celebration of Carnevale. We celebrate all things Italian with a bi-annual Italian Day which is complimented by a performance from an Italian Theatre group.


Foundation- Children will experiment with the Italian language through a range of literature,songs, and games. Zucchero Filato will extend the vocab they were taught in Term One and Pinocchio will continue his adventures in this story. Il Pappagallo will introduce the children to a few basic colors and the names of family members.

Grades 1/2- Children will continue their work on Nella Vecchia Fattoria- focusing on farm animals. Children will experiment with the language grande, piccolo, grasso, magro etc to describe these animals. Eg La mucca e grande. The cow is big. Children will play games and learn songs to help with their learning.

Grades 3/4- This Term the children are working on the literature based program ‘Giacco e il Fagiolo (Jack and the Bean) ….no stalk! This book encourages children to learn text and its meaning. They will then use this text to dramatize the story.

Grades 5/6- The students were introduced to Giorgio, Dario, Kevin etc in Term One through the Avanti program. This term we are further extending their vocab through the role playing of simple scripts. Each scene introduces the students to new words and different scenarios.