Specialist, Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Program at Diamond Creek Primary School encompasses all elements of the curriculum. The subject includes music, drama, dance and media. Children have the opportunity to sing, play instruments, learn the basic fundamentals of beat, rhythm, tempo etc, dance, act and role play and students in the upper grades are taught to use technology to capture their creative ideas on either film, through radio and other forms of recordings including the use of ipads. Performing Arts is loud, active and lots of fun!

Our performing Arts program is also complimented with the following programs

Victorian State School Spectacular Choir /Glee Club

 Band (for children interested in playing or singing in the school band)

 Annual concert

 Private instrumental tuition (optional)

This Term In Performing Arts, the students in Grades 3/4/5/6 are learning to play the recorder. We are practising the notes B A G and learning songs like The Nutcracker March, Moonlight and the all time favourite, Hot Cross Buns!

Grades 3/4 will then launch into television advertising and work in groups to make their very own television commercial.

Grades 5/6 will use technology and computer programs such as Garage Band and I movie, to create music and choreograph a film clip to go with it!

The program for all grades will also incorporate some Drama, singing and dancing!

Our wonderful Victorian State School Spectacular will begin rehearsing for the big event during Monday lunch times and the School Band will be rehearsing Wednesday lunch time.

All children are beginning to learn their dance for our annual school concert which will be held in Term Three.