Specialist – Physical Education

Foundation – Grade 1/2
The program is based around Perceptual Motor Skills and Fundamental Motor Skills.  Activities include throwing, catching, bouncing of small and large balls, balancing work, tumbling activities, obstacle course challenges, hopping, jumping, skipping and running.

Grade 3/4
Here the program is based around the further development of gross and fine motor skills.  Activities include the throwing, catching, hitting, kicking and rolling of balls and bean bags of all different shapes and sizes.  At this level there is also an athletics component and a swimming component.  The skills taught and developed at this level are further developed through minor games activities such as kick ball, continuous cricket and t-ball.

Grade 5/6
At this level the children enhance their gross motor skills and further develop fine motor skills using a variety of different apparatus. The skills taught are aimed at helping the children to become confident in playing major games such as football, soccer, tennis, rounders, basketball, netball, bat tennis and softball.
At this level there is also swimming and athletics.
At all levels of the program fun and fitness is emphasised.