Positive Discipline

 Diamond Creek Primary School works on a model of positive discipline which means we prioritise rewarding positive behaviour and instil in our children a growing personal responsibility for their own actions and also a community responsibility for their actions when working and playing with others.

We are proactive in developing our children's social skills and follow our 'home grown' Diamond Kids program to provide a different focus each week to explore and develop desirable attributes.

Children's achievement is always celebrated and done so at our school on many different ways. These may be as simple as a high five or expression of praise, or sometimes achievement certificates, house points or earning special privileges.

On a monthly basis we also award  our very special 'Diamond' certificates  which are given to children who are seen by their teachers as consistently demonstrating the school values in their actions.

 Our positive approach to discipline means that we have very happy and healthy children who develop a personal and communal sense of responsibility for their behaviour and sense of what is 'right'.