Student Leadership

Diamond Creek Primary School provides a wholesome range of student leadership opportunities and there is a high level of participation by students applying for, and taking on roles of responsibility.  To apply for some of these roles children are required to write a speech to present to their peers who then vote for the representatives of their choice. This application process sometimes involves interviews and is in place for many leadership roles which include:

·         Junior School Council, (grades 3-6)

·         School Captains,

·         House Captains,

·         Sports Captains,

·         Human Powered Vehicle participants,

·         representatives for Anzac and Remembrance Day occasions,

·         the annual concert presenters, (foundation-6)

·         and spokespeople for events that arise across the year

The success of children voting according to criteria is demonstrated in the sensible choices they make for student representatives and in the very special ‘John Gatenby Award’ which is awarded to one child selected at the end of year six. This is decided by students and always reflects their awareness of their peers who have a high commitment to areas of citizenship. Diamond Creek also allows those students who have an interest in social welfare the opportunity to organise events to highlight their particular cause.   These have included Steve Irwin Day and Bandana Day.