Walking School Bus

Walking School Bus

The Diamond Creek Primary School Walking School Bus operates four mornings a week along two different routes.


What is a Walking School Bus you well might ask?

The concept of the "Bus" is promoting a healthy and environmentally friendly way to travel to school with your friends. We all gather at nominated stops and walk instead of driving. Our Walking School Bus Program has been really successful and we have over 75% of our students walking regularly to school.


Our Walking School Bus is so popular that some children have been known to ask to have sleep overs at their friend’s houses so that they can walk on the bus! Many children from outside of the nominated routes have asked their parents to leave a few minutes earlier and take them to the bus instead of driving straight to school. A large number of our parents also come on the bus and leave their car at the beginning of a bus route.


How it works
The buses are staffed by trained volunteers with a minimum of two trained adults on each route. We usually have a driver and conductor and the odd ticket inspector. The Walking School Bus is professionally run by trained volunteers and is supported by Nillumbik Community Health Service, Nillumbik Shire Council and Vic Health. The Walking School Bus is an attempt at promoting healthy lifestyles in our younger generation by actually beginning the day with a walk to school instead of a drive. There are nominated bus stops and the children are put on the bus by a parent. There is an official adult "driver" who walks at the front of the bus and an adult "conductor" who walks at the end of the bus.


The benefits are numerous:


* increased fitness


* less congestion around school with far fewer cars


* very social - chatting with friends while achieving fitness


* incidental learning of road rules


* great fun with your friends - older children help younger ones and encourage them up the hills whilst reminding them to be careful near driveways.


The concept of the Walking School Bus is sponsored by Vic Health, Nillumbik Community Health Service and Nillumbik Shire Council.